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Dlala Thukzin - iPlan


Dlala Thukzin, Zaba
Tyla - Water


Tyla, Travis Scott
Harrycane - Dubula [Remake]

Dubula [Remake]

Harrycane, Master KG, Dj LaTimmy
Mellow & Sleazy - Imnandi lento (feat. Tman Xpress)

Imnandi lento (feat. Tman Xpress)

Mellow & Sleazy, Sjavasdadeejay, Titom
Wanitwa Mos - Keneilwe (feat. Dalom Kids)

Keneilwe (feat. Dalom Kids)

Wanitwa Mos, Nkosazana Daughter, Master KG
Bassie - Izenzo (feat. T-Man SA)

Izenzo (feat. T-Man SA)

Bassie, Aymos
Kamo Mphela - Dalie


Kamo Mphela
Mthandeni SK - Paris (feat. Lwah Ndlunkulu)

Paris (feat. Lwah Ndlunkulu)

Mthandeni SK
Sam Deep - Isgubhu


Sam Deep, Njelic, Aymos
Drake - First Person Shooter

First Person Shooter


Tubidy offers free MP3 and MP4 music downloads. Find the latest songs from your favorite artists and download them in high-quality format. Explore Tubidy for all your music and video needs.

The features available will make you very happy. It gives the impression of having fun and being able to find your favorite songs and the latest music.

You can find not only the latest hits, but also nostalgic songs from the golden age of music.

Tubidy is the answer to all of your musical needs and desires. This website will provide you with a variety of songs to enjoy while doing your daily tasks.

Your Best Option to Find Your Music

Discover something much wider than just music, where this music site gives you a sense of comfort in enjoying your favorite music in all kinds of situations, from wanting to create a relaxed and comfortable situation, to enjoying your sad times by choosing melancholic songs. You can enjoy it whenever and wherever you want and need.

Enjoy an easy and super-fast way that gives you free and wide access to various types of music from various parts of the world. Satisfy your musical desires with streaming services on this very sophisticated and extraordinary platform.

Log in and always check out the Tubidy site where music not only sweetens the ears but also makes the soul stir.

Getting to Know About Tubidy

Tubidy is a popular online music platform in Africa is now available. Download or stream MP3 and MP4 songs to save on your device.

The site has a lot of music for free, but the cost is high. Around the globe, there are many types of music. Even music recorded before the year 2000 can be found. Music videos and music of different genres are available. Also, you can find singers.

Tubidy was created to provide a music experience that is fun, simple and enjoyable. Follow the menu by clicking on it.

This site with music and video is becoming increasingly popular. This site's popularity is not a coincidence. The database is very complete and easy to navigate. Find all your favorite music, whether you like amapiano or pop, gqom or rock, classics, R&B, hip-hop, R&B, etc.

Tubidy offers music and videos of high quality and a clear standard. Tubidy's platform allows everyone to enjoy their favorite music to the fullest. All files have been upgraded to provide the highest possible quality in terms of sound and image. There will be no files with low quality video or audio.

This platform not only offers music but also a video library. Also, you can find film trailers or viral videos. Find new content that will inspire you. You'll gain new insights.

There are many categories of videos, such as educational and podcast video. These videos are essential to our survival. The videos are regularly updated to reflect the current trends, so you will never miss any of the latest news.

Benefits of using Music and Video Downloaded Tubidy

There are lots of benefits you can get when you use this platform to add to your music and video collection. What are they? Let's look at the review below:

1. Very diverse content

Tubidy is a massive platform that has a wide variety of music and videos from different countries, styles, artists, and time periods. It includes the newest releases as well as older classics, making it a popular choice worldwide.

Not only is it mainstream music that is often heard on mainstream media, but you can also find this music with musical qualities that tend to be more unique and different from music in general. This is the advantage of this platform which answers everyone's needs and tastes.

2. Easy to use

Tubidy is a platform that is very easy to use. This cannot be separated from good interface design and instructions that make it easy for visitors to navigate to music and videos according to their wishes.

The search feature is a basic thing that will help visitors find the music and videos they want specifically and directly. You only need to write the song title, artist name, or even the song title so that you can be given several recommendations or relevant search results.

3. High-quality audio and video

This platform prioritizes high quality in the audio and video they provide on the platform. As explained previously, you will find the quality has been enhanced and makes the experience of listening and viewing videos even more enjoyable. Tubidy is committed to providing the best and number one quality for its visitors without excessive file compression processes.

4. You can enter for free

This means you can access this audio and video download platform online for free. I think this is the coolest thing ever. Usually, you will find that when you want to enter the platform you are suddenly redirected to the signup page, and log in to the account you want. Only after going through that process can you continue the download process?

This platform doesn't require that step. You only need to enter the site, without registering with any email which is quite difficult and annoying.

5. Free of any fees

Tubidy is an audio music and video provider service that you can download or stream for free without incurring any fees in the process. As mentioned in the previous review, there is no need to complete the registration process, let alone payment. Of course, you don't need to pay and can enjoy and save all the audio and video as much as you want.

6. Fast and time-saving

With a very friendly platform design, you can download audio and video very quickly without spending a lot of time.

When using other sites or platforms, you may encounter many fake links that will direct you to pop-up links which are very annoying time-consuming, and emotionally draining. Not with this platform, you don't even have to wait and be bothered by the buffering process taking too long even when your internet speed is decreasing. The main goal is to provide smooth and hassle-free service.

Steps to Download Music and Videos on Tubidy

The process of downloading music and videos on Tubidy is the fastest thing you can find. The download process is simple and direct without many other unnecessary processes. Here are the steps on how you download the music and videos you like on this cool platform:

  1. Enter using the browser you like via smartphone or laptop, then go to the site. It doesn't matter what device you use as long as you have good and sufficient internet access. As long as that is fulfilled, then you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime.
  2. When you enter the website, you only need to use the search tab which you can easily find on the interface or dashboard. Just write the name of the song, and artist name of the song or video you are looking for in the search box, then press enter. You will find many recommendations related to the keywords you type.
  3. After pressing enter or clicking the search menu and finding several recommendations, you only need to select and press the stream or download button to start the process of saving the file on your device.

When shown the search list, you can see information such as duration and file size which can help you determine the size you need.

  1. There are several types of formats available when you want to download an audio or video file on Tubidy. You need to choose the format you need and according to your preferences, then click the download menu. After the download process is complete, you can find the file in the directory that you specified previously.
  2. When the download process is complete, you can find the downloaded file in the directory you have set. You can directly play the file and enjoy music or videos happily anywhere, anytime, it's that easy.

What is very important and must be noted is that all the input files or videos available have content that may be protected by copyright law. You must ensure that you can respect these rules and take appropriate steps according to applicable law. It is possible that the files you get cannot be played because of this.

Safety Standards to Pay Attention to When Using Tubidy

This platform is indeed very trustworthy and safe to use when downloading music or videos, however, you still have to pay attention to security. The goal is to protect your email account from being hacked and protect your device from dangerous virus attacks that come from links that may be available.

The following are some security tips that you need to do to avoid unwanted things when downloading files:

  1. Choose an original, credible source: You must be very sure that you download music and video files via the Tubidy site that are genuine and come from a credible and safe source. Be careful with the many fake links that are scattered on the internet and many contain very dangerous and damaging content or malware.
  2. Use antivirus: Some people who use pirated games usually don't use antivirus on their devices. However, this is very important if you love your device and the data stored on it.

Using an antivirus is an important preventative solution to implement and overcome the threat of virus attacks and damaging files. All the losses may be stored in files that you download without being careful.

  1. Read other user reviews: It is very important to read reviews from other users so you can know what risks may occur. Not many people pay attention to this review, but there are quite a lot of people who care about important and informative review members, so don't ever be lazy about reading.
  2. Avoid fake links: If you come across a questionable link, it's better not to click on it. Fake links will direct you to other links and can disrupt the process. Apart from that, you can accidentally download files that contain viruses.
  3. Always update your device: The operating system on your device must always be updated and equipped with applications that support security.

System updates will improve the device's defense system, and support it by installing an antivirus to provide double protection against virus attacks on your device.

Follow all the steps above so you can avoid threats when entering the music and video download platform. Don't let your comfort and enjoyment be disturbed.

Best Features of Tubidy

Many advantages make Tubidy superior to its competitors. The following are some of the advantages that you can experience if you choose this platform:

  1. Complete music library: There are so many types of music and artists who have created music or videos over the years. Everything you might need and look for is available on the platform.

You can find whatever mainstream and niche things are going viral here. You can find a wide range and variety of content that can keep you updated and entertained.

  1. Best audio video quality: You can be sure you will be able to enjoy the music and videos you like to the fullest. This is because this platform only provides a list of content with the best quality and has been improved.

There are no more complaints about the sound quality being clear or unclear in videos and disrupting the experience of enjoying the content.

  1. Easy interface: Appearance is important. The platform is equipped with an excellent dashboard display and design that provides a lot of convenience for visitors when they search for content.

With the existing design, you will not feel bored and it will be easier to find your target content because it is helped by the search feature that is available and you can easily find it without having to search.

You can find a list of the newest and most popular songs and videos on the home screen, and you can easily navigate and select which files you want.

  1. Fast and easy download: Speed in the download process is an important point for visitors. They are already quite traumatized by the many fake links that make them have to jump to websites they don't want; this is very annoying and time-consuming.

Here you will only wait a few moments and the time required for the process will be as short as possible.

  1. Free of cost: If we talk about the best features then this is one of them. Anyone would love good quality service at a low cost, especially if it can be obtained for free. You can get any content you want for free without any costs.
  2. Without registration: You can go directly to the website and search for the files you like without having to register with email which makes the process take a long time. You can immediately find music and videos with a super complete library.

Solving Common Problems in Tubidy

In providing the best service, a site may experience problems. The following are some commonly encountered problems and how to solve them:

  1. Low download speed: This may be caused by a bad internet connection or you are in a bad location. Overcoming this problem can be done by changing operators or resetting your Wi-Fi network at home, otherwise, the download process will not improve.
  2. Interrupted download: The download process that is interrupted midway is usually caused by insufficient memory capacity. You must ensure that your storage memory is sufficient to store audio or video files from this site. If not, you need to delete some files.
  3. Problems playing files: If you encounter a problem like this, then you need to check the audio and video player application installed on your device. Make sure that the application is updated and compatible with the type of file you download. You can also look for solutions to this problem on the Internet.
  4. Content not available: When you can't find certain music or videos on Tubidy, it could be related to licensing issues. The available content comes from many sources, if it is a source that cannot be accounted for, and then it would be appropriate if the file you are looking for is not available. You can try other possible sources.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Tubidy

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of this audio video download platform that you can use as a reference:

Advantages (Pros) Disadvantages (Cons)
There are so many audio and videos available on this site The legality of the available files and download links is often questionable
Very easy platform to use Not all content has the best quality, depending on the source
Can be used on various devices Frequently appearing advertisements can be very annoying and obstructive
Users can see the preview before deciding to download the file  
A service that anyone is free to use  

Safe Download Tips

So that you can be sure that the process of downloading audio and video from Tubidy is safe, here are some tips and tricks that you can try:

Comparison of Tubidy with YouTube Downloader

Both have very extensive and complete file treasuries. Both of them are also the most visited platforms currently. However, the platform will offer more content than YouTube Music which only offers content related to music. This platform is also considered better and more complete. Even so, both are choices that are popular with music lovers all over the world.

Conclusion about Tubidy

Tubidy is a platform that provides a lot of content in the form of audio and video. It could be music or other types of content. You can find lots of music from various genres, tofu, artist names, and song titles according to what you want.

You will experience an easy and fast content download experience. However, you need to be careful in choosing the source of files that may be very dangerous and contain damaging viruses.

Some of the content available may be illegal, but only a small part and Tubidy has taken serious steps to overcome this.

You can also use this site freely, without fees and any registration process. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate to choose services from this platform and find interesting and educational content for you. Hopefully, this review is useful and inspires you.